Winter – An Interview Season
Winter – An Interview Season
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George Khoury English instructor

As another school year comes to an end, a good amount of students and graduates will be attempting to find employment. Perhaps some are trying to find professional employment, internships, or maybe just a temporary job at a local coffee shop, with each situation requiring a different style and manner of talking. In other words, the content of different interviews will of course be different. However, regardless of the position (most of the time), you should approach and execute an interview in a professional and easy going manner, ideally while remaining comfortable within yourself. Although the following opinion can provide some guidance for interviewing, there are certainly many more (opinions) out there, and a real interview will teach a lot more than this editorial.

First off, before you even step foot into the interview, reflect, visualize, and relax. By reflecting on your previous successes in life, whether it was making someone happy, achieving a great goal or class grade, or just helping someone in a difficult situation, you can build your confidence up and walk into an interview already knowing that you are a winner. Also, visualize yourself delivering a great interview. Close your eyes and picture yourself in the interview with a positive mind, confidently answering questions and providing an enjoyable interview experience. Relax into yourself before the interview, which can be done by realizing that the world will not end if you do not get hired. Realize that there is a large world of opportunity, problems, and solutions that people all over the world experience daily. Walk into that interview knowing that no matter the outcome, there will always be a lot of work to do.

Second, know your audience. In other words, what position are you interviewing for and who are the interviewers. Many college graduates are aiming for professional employment, and if you land an interview for a professional position, your word choice should reflect your respect for that position. Whether you want to work for an airline, or as an accountant, speak to your interviewers in a manner that reflects your knowledge of that industry’s communication culture.

Third, have an organizational plan for your answer. Answering questions with a simple organizational strategy may be a great way to get the interviewer to remember who you are. Also, a simple answer plan can help you quickly create and deliver a solid answer to more general questions. For example, an employer may ask “Why do you think you are good for this position?”. As you think you may say to yourself, for example:

“introduction (I believe I am perfect for this position for a few reasons) – body (First, I’ve been studying economics throughout college…..Second, as an employee in previous job, I was able to test my skills and realized that I am very good at this job….Third, I love working with finance… ) – conclusion (If you give me the opportunity, you will have hired someone that is competent and enthusiastic about this work”

In all, these are all just some ideas on how to perform well in an interview. However, perhaps you don’t agree with them and that is fine. The idea is to think about what makes a good interview anywhere. Good Luck!

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