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[Attractive Busan of Ours]The hidden attractions on ways to school
Reporter Bahk Cheol-han  |  insomnium@naver.com
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승인 2014.03.03  11:43:43
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

 Our university has three campuses. What kind of the places are around these campuses? The places aren’t mere the towns where only many restaurants and bars are situated. There are fascinating tourist attractions hidden in each of the towns. Here are our picks for the beautiful attractions hidden in nearby each campus town.

1. Seunghak Campus – Eulsukdo (Island) in Hadan

▲ Eulsukdo
Eulsukdo, widely known as a migratory bird habitat, is the island in Nakdong River. More specifically, it is located between Hadan 1-dong and Hadan 2-dong in Saha-gu, Busan. Eulsukdo, meaning “the island where many birds live and where water is clear”, has the thick reed beds, and a plenty of fish and shellfish so that there was once called as the biggest migratory bird habitat of the East.

 To visit the haven of migratory bird, just take any shuttle buses heading to Gangseo-gu from the bus station directly closed to Hadan subway station. When watching the down of Hadan while in the bird sanctuary, we can vividly feel the contrast between grey city and green nature. Especially, the scenery of the reed beds under the glowing sunset is so fascinating like a beautiful painting.

 The haven is also the cultural hub in the Western Area of Busan. Including Eulsukdo Cultural Center, we can see many cultural facilities like outdoor concert hall and roller rinks, and bike rental service center. The roller rink is open all year-round. And we can use the facility from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. in winter season—from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. in summer season. The fee is 3,000 won for child and 3,500 won adult. At the bike rental service center, we can rent a bike for free from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. except at lunchtime. On weekdays, we can ride it for one and a half hours—only an hour on weekend.

 There is Eulsukdo sculpture garden right in front of the cultural center. The garden features 20 pieces from around the world. These pieces were exhibited at 2004 Busan Sculpture Project. In the island, we can see Busan Cinema, the only drive-in theater in Busan. The Busan Cinema is open without even a day off. The entrance ticket is sold 15,000 for each vehicle only in the premises.

 Even it is cautious to travel all over the island due to the recent problem of AI, however, while in Hadan, it is very regretful to pass by the attractive island.


2. Gudeok Campus – Kkonmaeul in Daesin-dong

▲ Konmaeul
Kkonmaeul, the small village with the warm scent even on the name, is lying on the hill right behind Gudeok Campus. The village came since the refugees group from Korean War settled down there. Because the villagers at that time made their own lives by selling flowers they raise, the place is named Kkonmaeul.

 The tiny village surrounded by urban area is the place filled with fresh air and the intimacy like the countryside. There are also Gudeok Youth Center, Naewonjeongsa and the traditional temple among urban areas. Including Kkonmaeul Culture & Art Center, many attractions drawing climbers’ attention are popping up. Looking around wall paintings all over the place is very enjoyable and interesting.

 Even it is easily accessible to the lovely village by taking shuttle bus (Seogu 1) on Dongdaesin-dong bus station, we recommend climbing the steep hill. As there are many restaurants selling chicken and duck dishes, and rice soups for climbers, many people are visiting these restaurants to taste the rice soup made with dried radish greens. We can kill three birds with one stone in Kkonmaeul by breathing fresh air with climbing, and eating nice meals, and feasting our eyes by watching artworks and flowers all over this lovely village.

 When the warm breeze comes with pinkish petals blowing around, to warm up our body huddled through last winter, let’s have a stroll to the Kkonmaeul.

3. Bumin Campus – Bosu Book Street in Bosu-dong


 When the new semester starts, packed with students trying to buy books, Bosu Book Street is one of the most famous attractions in Busan. About 60 years ago, refugees from the Korean War opened stalls on the street nearby Bosu-dong intersection to sell used books brought from US Army units and junk shops. And that is the beginning of the famous Book Street.

 The street is a very popular place because the used books are sold at from a discount ranging from 40 to 70(%). The place is very easy to find by only walking on the street passing through Yeongrak Church.

 There are many things to watch and enjoy besides books. Every September, Bosu Book Street Co-op. holds Bosu Book Street Festival where everyone can enjoy a variety of exhibitions, performances, and experiential activities. At the last festival, there were guerrilla concerts throughout the street, outdoor screenings, concerts, various exhibitions, and experience programs like making book stamps, handmade bookmarks, and book covers.

 Furthermore, we can take also the aroma from roast coffee as well as the smell of books. It is easy to find cafés anywhere in the street. The scenery seems like these cafés suggest our busy modern human to take time out with a cup of coffee and books.

 Looking again the places stated above, all of these are truly fabulous spots that we passed by just school.

 When you are exhausted for the hectic school life, how about going to the spots to recharge your physical, mental and emotional vitality?


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