Our university wins ‘University Accreditation’
Our university wins ‘University Accreditation’
  • Reporter Bahk Cheol-han
  • 승인 2014.01.13 16:12
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Our university was praised for receiving ‘the 2013 University Accreditation’, held by the Council Center for University Accreditation of the Korean Council of University Education on the 27th of last month.

The University Accreditation was launched to provide the public with a more accurate view of the quality of university education around the country. Starting in 2010, the evaluations were administered in writing to ninety six universities by 120 visiting members representing 24 evaluation groups.

Our university obtained the accreditation in all spheres including university mission and education, and having good education condition under legal standard by meeting 6 evaluation territories(△university members △education facilities △university finance and management △community service) and 54 evaluation conformities (including 6 compulsory conformities). Most impressively, our school is the only one that meets all the conformities in Busan.

Our school was also the only school selected as the model university in the field of employment consultation and career guidance of all colleges nationwide. According to data from the planning office, our school provides employment education by developing employment aid programs and utilizing student affair office staff, without dependence on outside lecturers. Furthermore, it operates the ideal recycling style employment education & aid system where graduates of the program return to participate as counselors.

The term of accreditation validity is 5 years. The result of the accreditation will aid in further self-monitoring and the improvement of the quality of education by linking the Administrative and Financial Support Program of the Government.

In all, 87 schools were given ‘Accreditation’ among the 96 that applied, while three were granted ‘Conditional Accreditation’ and six received ‘Suspension of Accreditation’

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