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[Campus Bridge] Gong-Gang, don’t kill, but fill it
Reporter Bahk Cheol-han  |  insomnium@naver.com
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승인 2014.03.24  16:03:58
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

 There are three things freshmen are most seriously worried about: what should I eat for lunch; who are the seniors; how should I do during Gong-Gang? Among of them, we introduce some places in each campus for students who are failed to make out their own class schedule and worried about how should spend their own time during Gong-Gang.

As Seunghak is our university’s largest campus, students can spend their Gong-Gang time in various ways. The standard options include being in ‘BBal-Da’ and ‘Jung-Do’. Some students who have Gong-Gang usually spend around one or two hours of their day in the BBal-Da, a coffee shop in the second floor of Student Center located between the building of the College of Humanities and the first building of the College of Engineering. People call the coffee shop “BBal-gan-Da-bang” (red coffee shop in English) because the whole atmosphere of the place including the color of all chairs is reddish--BBal-Da is the short for the BBal-gan-Da-bang.

For longer periods of Gong-Gang time, students head for the Hanlim Library, also called ‘JungDo’ (the short for Jung-ang-Do-seo-kwan, central library in Korean). It is a misjudgement to think the library is only used for checking out books. There are reading rooms for writing reports and study rooms where we can work on group projects and study pleasantly. Moreover, we can enjoy various serial publications like the latest DVDs and soap operas at no cost.

If you want to spend the Gong-gang differently, how about climbing Mt. Seunghak? You can arrive at the mountain by doing a little climbing starting from Hanlim Domitory. From there, you can take in campus scenery while reviving our exhausted spirits after taking lectures back-to-back. It is recommendable to climb there while being in the school.

Most students of Bumin Campus spend time in the International Center where reading rooms and a library can be found. If you are worried about gaining fat due to frequent welcome parties, let’s go to Sejeong Finess Center in the first basement-level during Gong-Gang. Students can always use the sport facilities for free using only with their student ID card (except students on a leave of absence). In there, the ‘Powder Room’ is the perfect place for students who need to take a rest for one or two hours. Maybe due to its name, there it is usually crowded with girls even though the place is not only for girls, so male students should consider this fact. It is impossible not to mention ‘TV ZONE’, the unknown, but cozy place of the campus. The zone is very popular with students for its cozy chairs which students can watch TV at full stretch. As it’s common to see couples more focused on affection than TV, solos are recommended to keep way from the place.

In Gudeok Campus where students of arts and medicine attend, they usually spend their Gong-Gang in classrooms due to the type of campus it is. As the building of the College of Arts is located on top of the campus, students of the building usually spend their time by practicing on their works or doing their assignments in lecture rooms. For medical students, they don’t have any Gong-Gang because their classes are scheduled without any hour free.

People usually say Gong-Gang is meant to be ‘Killed, but don’t blame ourselves for the failure to take advantage of this time, instead we should use Gong-Gang more intelligently to help energize our mind and body.

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