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Frequent Errors in Cyber Campus, What are Causes and Solutions?
Reporter Kang Min-kyu  |  eatorjj4616@naver.com
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승인 2014.05.02  10:31:03
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn
▲ Server errors occurred in Dong-A Cyber Campus in last March.

 The server-error phenomena occurring in Dong-A Cyber Campus (Cyber Campus) of our university has been causing trouble in lectures since this semester begun.

Cyber Campus is an education system operated via the Internet, which contains lecture data and video lectures. Because lectures using the Cyber Campus combine on and off-line contents, professors in charge of the lectures usually upload lecture data and important notices to the Cyber Campus.

However, after the beginning of the semester, students and professors complained about frequent errors in the Cyber Campus. Heo Jae-seong (Public Administration 3) said “I had accessed the Cyber Campus to download lecture data but the server didn’t work.” And he said “since the login system didn’t work, I couldn’t prepare lecture data.” And a professor of our university (Communication) said “I felt inconvenienced when I uploaded and downloaded lecture data.” And he said “I once waited for long time to upload the lecture data because the login system hadn’t worked.”

It seems that the server errors happened due to site overload. The Cyber Campus is still using the server, which opened for the first time in 1998. The old server was blocked because it couldn’t manage the traffic congestion problem. The University’s Innovation Center of Education said “The server was so old that we couldn’t’ manage many users.” And that “The tuition of our university is the lowest among private universities of the whole country. So our university kept using the existing server with lack of budget for changing the server.”

The reason why restoration time was long is that server management is outsourced. Hwang Kyeong-won, head of Innovation Center of Education said “when server errors happen, we have to ask depend on the outsourced server management to restore the server.” And he said “although we found the errors, we couldn’t’ do anything about them.”

Kwon Hyeong-seok, a section head of Felisis (Web Consulting Enterprise), which manages the server of our university said “the server was overloaded because users flocked to one side of the server” adding that “we are trying to divide the system server and checking server memory daily as opposed to twice a week, as was previously the policy.”

The Innovation Center of Education said “henceforward we hand the serve management over to our university Information and computing institution or we will change the server if we are selected by ACE Business and given budget support.”

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