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[Mk’s Gym] Steroids, Way to Death not Health
Reporter Kang Min-kyu  |  eatorjj4616@naver.com
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승인 2014.05.20  11:47:48
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

 Alistair Overeem, an UFC fighter, was famous for being succeeded in remodeling his body in short period. Overeem wasn't well known among people when first entered in UFC, because he was undersized for his height. However, 2 years later, he became totally different. It was enough to imagine Movie 'Hulk' with his muscles like suit of armor. Many other fighters were knocked out by his muscular power and Overeem grew into top fighter. In April 2012, However before his title match, he suffered deprivation of his title with the fact that he had used steroids. It revealed that all his growth was made by steroids and finally he got dishonored.

The steroids well known as 'Magical Drug' and 'Muscular Revolution' among athletes have problems more than benefits although they help outstanding muscle growth. Some people think that Supplementary Health-food also has problem because they are kinds of steroids, but they two are strictly separated. To find out the difference I bought them in person. But I couldn't buy authentic steroids because distribution of them was illegal. Instead, I could get Prohormone which is similar to steroids through overseas Supplementary Health-food cybermall.

▲ Difference between Supplementary Health-food and Prohormone.

When they two were opened, Supplementary Health-food consisted of powder it could be mixed with water and Prohormone was consisted of pills. Indication of ingredients was also different. Supplementary Health-food indicated that how carbohydrates and proteins and fats were contained while Prohormone didn't indicate anything. The only thing Prohormone indicated was “take two pills a day” and “keep them from kids”, but no explanation about effects and side effects.

I inquired to seller about their functions and he said “the Prohormone you bought helps muscle growth by injecting male hormones to body.” And he said “This is the same principle steroids have impact on body.” Muscle growth is usually processed with protein compound. The most influential factor to compound the proteins is male hormone. When taken steroids, increased figure of male hormones activates protein compound and it results muscle growth. The effect is outstanding. The seller said “It is possible to get 6~7kg muscles in 3 weeks if you could do methodical exercise.” It is revolution in that male adults are hard to get 1kg muscles even if they do methodical exercise for a month.

However, the seller said “Prohormone also causes side effects similar to steroids'.” He said “human body is likely to keep homeostasis.” And he said “if male hormones are injected artificially, human body functions as they don't need to be supplied and doesn't produce them anymore.” When human body lost effect of steroids, it is easy to suffer side effect caused by lack of male hormones.

▲ Overeem’s muscles decreased outstandingly with side effect of steroids.

Overeem has suffered a side effect of steroids, too. There was shocking news to him after his disciplinary punishment for 9 months. Re-doping test result showed that his figure of male hormones were so low that he got serious problem in his health. State of Nevada revealed that while normal man's figure of male hormones was 250~1100, Overeem's was 179 which was lower than 80-aged man's. If human body lacks of male hormones, it is easy to suffer decrease of muscles, contraction of testis. After his disciplinary punishment, it seemed that Overeem's muscles decreased outstandingly.

Steroids not only have side effects on hormone system but also on heart. ‘Steve Mihalik’, the former bodybuilder, suddenly kneeled over from a heart attack in bodybuilding contest ‘Mister Universe’ held in 1970. It was because of his dose of steroids over 10 years. But Steve survived dramatically and said in a TV program “It was miracle that I had survived, but some of my fellows died early with heart attack.” And he said “Steroids are fatal drug that you must not use.” If you got muscles by using steroids, your heart has to increase amount of blood for the muscles. However, it doesn’t happen to the heart muscle, so heart can get overloaded and it can cause heart attack.

People who do exercise could be attracted by Steroids. However, there is nothing to obtain easily. If you got something without effort you would pay the penalty. You have to lift babel thinking that the purpose of doing exercise is for health.


[Today’s Training]
Today’s exercise I want to introduce is ‘Shoulder Dumbbell Press.’ It gives stimulation to deltoid (shoulder) muscles.

1. Grab dumbbells with both hands and put them as high as your shoulder.

2. Lift them upward your shoulder straightening elbows completely and stay at the top.
(Be careful not to make them touched each other)

3. Return to the first step slowly.

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