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[Campus Bridge] Are there any rules saying student should study only in reading rooms?
Reporter Bahk Cheol-han  |  insomnium@naver.com
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승인 2014.06.05  18:10:33
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

If you spend examination period in our university, you’ve probably witnessed the fierce competition for seats and blame yourself for your late arrival, scouting around reading rooms where only bags-not people-took all the seats; and waste precious time hunting for study places. For students roaming around, here are our picks for good places to study outside the reading rooms.

The most popular place for studying at Bumin Campus is an area around the terrace on the second floor of the General Lecture Building. With 17 tables installed, you can see easily people who gathering in groups to study. It is the best place for people who love to study in a free atmosphere. Behind the area is a quiet place unlike the first one. We can have a bird’s-eye view of the quiet and scenic surrounding area in the backyard of the campus. The place is recommendable for those who want to study quietly with their lover.

Located in front of Youngnak Church near the back gate of the campus, ‘Si-pyeon-Café’ is also a good place for studying. The café is run by the church. The best part of the café is that all things are on the house. The place is free and for everyone; any people visiting can have free drinks. The operating hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. As the place can get crowded with the town people and students, people wanting a quiet place will need to arrive at a good time.

There are many places to study at the most populous campus, Seunghak. We can study at the café in the lobby of the first basement floor at the College of Humanities;. It isn’t hard to find places for studying as most of the buildings on the campus have facilities like cafeterias. You can find an empty lecture room even during the examination period; BBal-gan-Da-bang(the Red Café) is also a good option. If you can adapt to studying here-a very noisy place-you can study anywhere in the world.

Gudeok Campus is close to a mountain and has a distinctive mood that can’t be found anywhere else at Dong A. Climbing to the last stop of the shuttle bus heading to campus, you can see several tables. By taking cars parked in front of the area as screens in reading rooms, you can study here with fresh air instead of hunting for a seat to study while sweating.

If you are fed up with the stuffy air of libraries and exhausted from the scramble for seats of reading rooms, wouldn’t it be better to find the best places to fit you?

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