Visit attractive places near campus!
Visit attractive places near campus!
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Do you like to travel around Busan? Busan has lots of attractions, and there are good places to go to near Dong-A university campuses. The places are Eulsukdo(Eulsuk island), Gamcheon Culture Village & Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, and Jungang Park famous for Daesin Park. It is nice to exercise in Eulsukdo, to take pictures in Gamcheon Culture Village, and to feel a sense of tradition in Bupyeong Kkangtong Market, and to enjoy nature in Jungang park.

Seunghak campus-Eulsukdo

▲ People are ridding bicycles.

You can take the bus 58, or 58-1 at the bus stop near the Hadan subway station, then get off at the next stop, Eulsukdo. When you get off from the bus, you may be embarrassed to see the empty land, but don't worry. Following the instruction from the bus stop, you can enter the Eulsukdo Park. It is a suitable location to exercise, walk, and experience nature, so it is popular among people of all ages. Kindergartners go on picnics, old people and young couples stroll, and young men work out. These activities create positive energy. When it is sunny and clear, it is too boring to stroll only. Try to ride a bicycle. If you show your ID card, you can rent a bicycle for free from the bicycle rental shop. Riding on a broad road, you can look at the river. Apartments over the river and grown reeds along the road will make you feel exited, and refreshed.

Bumin campus-Gamcheon Culture Village & Bupyeong Kkangtong Market

▲ People are waiting to take pictures

You can take bus, Seogu 2, or Seogu 2-2 around Exit No.6 of Toseong subway station, then arrive at Gamcheon Culture Village. The village is known for wall paintings and a huddle of houses. It was adorned by residents, artists to revive the aging village. Before looking around the village, you should buy a map. There are many alleys, so you may get lost. It is good to feel simple beauty and warmth rather than jive and juke. Try to find out wall paintings and look at residents' simple lives. For residents, you are asked not to look inside the houses and talk loudly. On the top of the village, you can take a panoramic view and feel warmth.

Bupyeong Kkangtong Market connects with the simplicity and warmth of the village. If you take bus Sahagu1-1, or 87, it will take 30 minutes. The market is located in Nampo-dong, a popular place for people to shop and have fun. The market has old bakeries, mills, stores for selling eomuk(fish cake), tteokbokki, steamed bun with red bean paste filling and dumplings. Furthermore, there are stores for selling rice soup and eel where Koreans often visit. Get out of our neighborhood with many franchises, eat simple but delicious Korean food, and feel the warm heart of many merchants.

Gudeok campus- Jungang Park(Daesin Park)

▲ The path to Junang Park

You can take a shuttle bus at the Exit No.1 of Dongdaesin-dong subway station, then arrive at the Gudeok campus, and you will find a path lined with trees. The path goes to Jungang Park in the mountain. It has too many trees, so you can't look well. It is so peaceful and quiet, you may hear the sound of flowing water, and the sound will lead you inside. Before the starting point to climb the mountain, the path has benches under the trees covering the sky and leads to the first reservoir where ducks and fish live. Again, there are the mineral spring and sports facilities, and old people take a rest. You can enjoy nature in the path. It will make you relaxed and comfortable. By breathing in fresh air and busting up your daily stress, you must be renewed.

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