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We have enjoyed sports festivals
Reporter Yoon Eun-jae  |  eunjae95@naver.com
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승인 2015.06.01  10:02:49
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

Sports festivals were held in our university in May. It was done by each department or each club. The matches were played in our university's athletic field and gym in the College of Sport Sciences.

"The College of Sport Sciences had a athletic meeting on May 13. The college students are proud of their departments and passion particularly, so all the students played games and cheered for their teams enthusiastically," said Choi U-ni. She added "My department has many cheering songs and one of them is 'Taekwondo! power~ up!'. Thanks to the songs, I watched the games excitingly." Choi U-ni (Takwondo 2)

There were general games such as soccer, basketball, ssireum (Korean wrestling), and arm wrestling and special games like breaking a gourd, couple games, shooting with a water pistol, and mission running. The couple game is that couples pop other couples' balloons bound to their ankles. The boss of the team wearing on dry T-shirt wins the shooting game.

Dong-A World Cup was held in the athletic meeting. It was open to all our university students like college, department, clubs, and so on. The students ordered uniforms and prepared cheering for the day. On the day, they wore the team uniform and cheer for their teams by drinking makgeolli (raw rice wine) and eating pajeon (green-onion pancake). When the matches were finished, people talk about the matches. The athletic meeting continued all the day.


There was an athletic competition held in one club. They played games in middle schools athletic fields or parks on weekends. The club members went shopping early morning and played games. It was a big event in the club, so seniors who graduated from our university came and participated in the games.

"I am a member of Sung A club. My club held club athletic meeting on May 9. That day, I enjoyed playing dodge ball with a mate, baseball using foot. While playing the dodge ball game, one man protected two women. It was really fun although the man had a hard time," adding "The games were over, and we had dinner. I was pleased that seniors who graduated gave me advice about university life. It was really a good tip," said Park Ji-eun (Health Care 1)

There were also club union athletic meetings. It offered participants a good chance to make a relationship with other club members and get closer with one's club members. It was enjoyed by about 100 participants of four clubs last year.

"I am a member of MACO club. My club has very few men, so it is difficult to hold the athletic meeting. When we play the games, we have a problem with gender ratio. We want to play the games with other clubs, and it leads to a club union athletic meeting." And she said, "We harmonize the gender ratio and divide the clubs into two teams as white and black. Teams play exciting games to solve the quiz by showing an examiner's acting and hold the final member in the line of moving the other team," said Ock Su-jin (Industrial Design 3)

The athletic meetings held on warm May days made students delighted. The students worked hard to achieve one goal and felt a sense of fellowship. The athletic meeting in which seniors and juniors participated will remain an unforgettable memory and be part of their joyful university life.

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