Reporter Cho's Current Events Point/Feminism
Reporter Cho's Current Events Point/Feminism
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페미니즘이라는 단어 들어보셨을겁니다. 페미니즘은 남성 중심의 성차별에 반대하는 용어로 사회적 정치적 운동을 포함하는데요. 지나치면 남성에 대한 역차별이 될 수도 있습니다. 이러한 페미니즘이 본질적으로 추구하는 이념에 대해 영어방송 조수빈 기자가 보도합니다.


In May 2016, a random murder by a man happened at Gangnam subway station. The murderer told the police that he was waiting for a woman to kill her at a public subway toilet. The homicide case immediately became a sensitive social issue. It is because the murderer made a statement that the he just killed her only because he has been ignored by women.

Women responded to the issue that the she was victimized simply because she was a woman. They also told that obviously it must be a misogyny crime.

On the other hand, men did not agree with such responses from women, insisting that making all men misogyny criminals would be a hasty generalization.

Later, the prosecutor officially announced that the case is not a misogyny crime, just caused by the criminal’s mental illness.

Despite the prosecutor’s announcement, arguments about between misogyny and misandry gradually increased. At the same time, concerns about a hatred for the opposite gender also increased.

Meanwhile, a social movement for women’s rights, which is called ‘feminism’, become a hot issue in our society.

In fact, there exist online feminist groups called Kkolpemi and Feminazi supporting female chauvinism. The appearance of such groups fuels confusion among people.

Then, what is the essential value that the conventional feminism attempted to pursue. Now, let’s begin with its origin.

The history of feminism dates back to the 19th century. The early feminism simply sought to basic legal rights for women, insisting that equal opportunities between men and women. By doing so, the early feminism finally succeeded to acquire women’s suffrage and ownership of property.

Since then, feminism and its movements changed over time as society changed. The early feminism fighting for women’s legal rights moved to fight against gender discriminations inherent in social institutions such as patriarchal systems.

Specifically, the feminists at that time demanded women’s right to their bodies. For example, women attempted to achieve their freedom from parenting, pregnancy, and appearance.

Feminism in the early 21st century became controversial to the extent that women enjoy more right than men do. But, women feminists insisted that women were still severely discriminated within social systems.

On the other hand, men denied such feminists’ claim and negatively evaluated feminism and feminists as selfish. In other words, they thought that there is no longer gender discrimination in a current society when considering women’s social status based on college entrance rates, employment rates, and social participation rates by women.

Some radical feminists deny this claim and strongly support female chauvinism. This continually brings about gender conflicts in our society.

Their behaviors seems to contradict the basic ideas of feminism which pursues gender equality.

One obvious thing is that feminism is not female chauvinism.

HeForShe, a new campaign at the United Nations, stands for Gender Equality, not just for women, Unlike the feminism in the past which has brought about conflicts between men and women, HeForShe attempts to promote men’s interests and participation.

In the present situation, the landscape of feminism is drawing attention. No longer do women's social movements get people's consent. It should recognize that women are not only aware of gender discrimination, and change into social movements for men and minorities. Gender discrimination is a problem for all together.

This is Reporter Cho's current events point, Thank you.

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